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Repair service for Sony FWD-50PX2 YSUS board problem - no image, flashing display or no power after loud pop

This is a repair service for the Y-SUSTAIN (YSUS) board used in Sony FWD-50PX2 50'' plasma TV. See listing for failure symptoms.


Coppell TV Repair LLC offers a REPAIR SERVICE for the YSUS board shown on the picture and used in Sony FWD-50PX2 and other 50'' plasma TVs.


To have us examine and possibly repair your board(s) you need to send them or bring them to us.

Start the repair service request through the "Initiate service request" button on the page. Repeat customers are advised to log-in and new customers will have to fill-in a short form with contact information needed for communication and invoicing.

An email with shipping instructions is automatically sent once you submit the form to the email address you provide; it is also shown on your screen.

Following the instructions you package your board(s) and attach the first page of the shipping instructions so that we make a link between the boards and the service request when we receive your package.

You then send the board as shown on the picture to us. You pay for the shipping to a carrier of your choice and nothing to us at this point.

Presently we do not charge in advance, but only after inspecting and possibly servicing the board(s) we receive.

The price shown is for evaluation, repair, test and return within USA of the boards listed in the title or explicitly named in the listing, provided they meet our requirements upon arrival (see related section).

Boards returned abroad tend to have higher shipping cost that will increase total cost of service beyond the amount shown.

Once we receive the package and open it we inspect the board(s) sent.

If the board(s) do not meet our criteria we communicate the problem with you and offer options, the first of them being returning the board(s) back for sole cost of return S&H. Other options may include surcharge for board restoration, board replacement, change of pricing or warranty terms etc.
We may not give any options and simply reject to service a board that was damaged beyond repair (see example here).

If the board(s) pass our criteria we conduct test to determine functionality.

If test passes OK and board(s) appear in working order we communicate that and offer options, among which returning the board(s) without change; we invoice a testing fee and return S&H charge.

We test all boards that are being sent and for every board we test we assess testing fee as described.

If board(s) come in assemblies that require additional dismantling on our end (i.e. with more than what is shown on the pictures) we reserve the right to charge up to $10 for dismantling and re-assembling what was sent plus eventually additional shipping costs if resulting assembly requires larger box and/or is heavier than the regular board as shown.

Boards that test out bad are analyzed and we attempt to repair them.

If we succeed we send a payment request for the amount specified in the listing.

If we fail to repair the board(s) we send you an email with details and usually only request that you pay for the return shipping and nothing else.

Please make sure your TV has the same board before proceeding with this service or contact us if yours is different to see if we offer repair service for it.

Failure symptoms

There are several failure symptoms pointing out to that board. Few of them are unique ,though, so pay close attention to avoid creating false expectations in a self-diagnosing experiment:

  • Flashing image on the display of your TV - that's a typical symptom for a failed YSUS board and while not 100% guaranteed if you have it there is next best to 100% chance that the YSUS is bad
  • TV comes up (possibly with sound), but the display remains dark . This symptom is usually preceeded by a reasonably loud pop of death (POD) or, sometimes, a series of pops.

    It is easy to lose the sound when you press buttons randomly trying to make the TV show the lost picture and switching the input or the channel, so loss of sound is not a neccessarily any significant indication here.
    This symptom may also be caused by a failed ZSUS or other board (very unlikely power supply board though).
    One extra thing you can check is the temperature on the YSUS heat sinks after having the TV run for 5-10 minutes with our without sound (better with, takes less time). Both sustain boards should be notably warm to the touch and if one isn't then it increases the odds for this to be the bad board.
  • TV does not want to come up at all - clicks on and then quickly clicks back off. If you have a multimeter, you'll be looking for a shortage in the Vs pins to ground on both the YSUS and ZSUS boards, which are connected to each other with a cable running above the power supply board. Disconnect them before testing for short on Vs to GND pins (GND is also all the metal on the chassis including the back of the plasma panel).

    If you do not have multimeter you can disconnect ZSUS from YSUS and try to power on the TV again; if it comes on and stays on this time then the bad board is the ZSUS board.
    If it still does the same then you've got bad YSUS and/or bad power supply board. Or (unfortunately), it could be something else too, but if the symptom was preceeded by a pop of death then it's likely the YSUS.


All packages we receive are placed in a FIFO processing queue.

It takes 2-5 business days for a package to make its way from the back to the front of the queue.

Once picked up for processing, we make money if we manage to fix the board(s) inside for between 30 and 60 minutes.

Of coruse that isn't always possible, not to mention sometimes there is more than one board in a package.

Add to it that we can't know how many packages we will receive at any given day, how many boards will each contain and how bad the damage on them could be.

Please do not call us a mere few days after you sent your package to inquiry about the status of your service...we just do not have the resources to be giving the same answer to everyone and it only slows us down!

Look at the tracking number, see when it was delivered, give it at leat 2-3 business days (preferably four) and if you have not heard anything from us then contact us saying the package was delivered on this and that date and we'll go look for it.

It's in everyone's interest that we work as fast as possible and interrupting technicians (who answer the phones) to make them go search for package in the queue only to tell you it's there doesn't help anyone.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated elsewhere in the listing the boards we sell come with a standard 90 days warranty.

Customer is responsible for return shipping and Coppell TV Repair LLC is responsible for shipping back to customer. Returned boards subject to exchange, service or refund, subject to availability and agreement by Coppell TV Repair LLC and customer.

Returned boards must carry the Coppell TV Repair LLC identification stamp or label and must not have been damaged, modified or otherwise tampered with in order for warranty coverage to remain in force.

Boards returned with request for refund / order cancellation will be subject to restocking fee covering forward shipping cost, transaction cost and $10 fee for the board testing needed prior to slating it for sale again.


Presently we do not charge in advance for repair services.

Instead, once the board(s) are received, tested, found to be defective, serviced and tested again to success we send a payment request to the customer.

If something along the process - such as unexpected difficulty or finding a board to be functional - arises we contact the customer via email and/or phone and disscuss options.


The board(s) we receive must be physically intact and must have not been tampered with or serviced before.

The advertised flat rate for repair service is only valid when the above conditions are met.

Exceptions are possible and often applied for minor repair attempts, but we reserve the sole right to judge if and when we would consider a repair minor.

If we receive board(s) that fails the above conditions we will contact the sender and usually offer two options: 1) returning the board(s) for the sole cost of the return shipping; or 2) continuing the repair service at a higher cost in case of success.

It is also possible, depending on the condition of the board, to eliminate the second possibility and just flat our reject having to service the board.

Subject to situation and availability we may also recommend replacement of the board, again at the higher than advertised price for repair.

In all cases you will have the option to receive your own board(s) back for the sole cost of the return shipping.

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