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  Same Time for Palm OS / Windows
  Update your Wrist PDA time with every Hotsync

Fossil Wrist PDA (Palm powered)

Current version: 2.0 (revision history)
Required memory: 160 kB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
Product details

Same Time is a simple and effective solution to keeping the clock of both your desktop and your Wrist PDA always correct.
It consists of two parts - Same Time for Palm OS and Same Time for Windows.


Each of the two can be installed and can function independently on the other.

Same Time for Windows is a desktop application residing on your taskbar, just as the standard clock does. It periodically checks various time servers on Internet and adjusts the PC clock accordingly.
Later Microsoft Windows versions come with such ability and you may, even though it offers less configurable options.

Same Time for Palm OS takes care of updating the clock on your Wrist PDA (or, in reality, on any other Palm OS powered device) during Hotsync. It only takes an extra second to do that and it guarantees your watch and your desktop will always have the the same time.

Note: This application is only available for Microsoft Windows powered host machines. If you use Mac OS X or Linux or any other non-Windows platform, this version of Same Time is not good for you!


Sorry, there are no trial downloads available for this product.


Product registration

To register the product, click on the "Buy" button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
During the checkout process, you will be asked for Owner ID; unless the program itself indicates otherwise in its registration screen, this will be the Hotsync Account Name.
Some application, however, such as A+ for Wrist PDA, produce an Owner ID of their own, which they display in the registration screen. Such applications can only be purchased individually, as their Owner Identification is unique.

Once the ordering process is completed, you will be instantly allowed to proceed to a page containing the unlocking key.

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