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  Karateka for Abacus Wrist PDA
  Play the classic Karateka saga on your Wrist PDA

Fossil Wrist PDA (Palm powered)

Current version: 1.35 (revision history)
Required memory: 160 kB
Known issues/FAQ: Known issues
Product details

Shape up your fists and elbows and fight your way like a man to the beautiful princess Mariko...on your watch!

Whoever thought we would ever come to that?

The first large-scale personal computer game ever, Karateka is once more destined to pioneer the gaming market - this time on a wristwatch. With beautiful large graphics, simple and intriguing story told without a single word on the screen, it sure deserves its place in the all time classics by Jordan Mechner (maybe best known for his Prince of Persia series).

Karateka will be a nice and warm recall to the old days for everyone who knows and had played the original back in the Apple  and Commodore days.

For everyone else, we hope it will the be remembered as the first game actually appropriate and optimized for playing on your wrist watch.


Use the rocker on your watch to move back and forth in a fight.

You can hit with hands and kick with legs by using the following three buttons:

  • Page Up for an upside hit/kick
  • Page Down for a downside hit/kick
  • Rocker Push for a middle hit/kick

At any given time, only hands or legs can be used for attacking. The game generally picks the mode for you, but you can swap it at any time by taping in the upper half of the display.

Your first opponent must be overthrown only with your fists. The rest you will need to figure by yourself.


When first installed, Karateka will play into trial mode, limiting you to only the first few opponents on your way to Mariko.

To continue further, you need enter an unlocking code, which we kindly invite you to purchase at the vendor of your choice or directly from Beiks.

Once you do so, run the game and press the Page Up button as indicated on the shareware reminder screen.

You will need to enter a series of zeros and ones by using the rocker - pushing it up will enter "1" and pushing it down will enter "0".

You will receive the unlocking code immediately after placing the order.


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Product registration

To register the product, click on the "Buy" button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.
During the checkout process, you will be asked for Owner ID; unless the program itself indicates otherwise in its registration screen, this will be the Hotsync Account Name.
Some application, however, such as A+ for Wrist PDA, produce an Owner ID of their own, which they display in the registration screen. Such applications can only be purchased individually, as their Owner Identification is unique.

Once the ordering process is completed, you will be instantly allowed to proceed to a page containing the unlocking key.

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