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This item is for one or more units of LG's 4921QP1027P hybrid IC or an equivalent (also from LG).

Coppell TV Repair offers you one or more units of LG's 4921QP1027P hybrid IC or an equivalent (also from LG).

Those are are used in certain early 42'' plasma TV models with LG display 42X2.

Coppell TV Repair's core business is TV and component level module repair, including repair of the above mentioned boards, but to help our bottom dollar we are also selling the components to other service centers and DIY enthusiasts.

The units are sold as new to us, however based on experience we can't be sure they really are. All we can claim is that we use one reliable vendor that we work with for a long time and that we have successfuly repaired a few boards using the IC. You will be getting a unit from the same box that we used and will continue to use in our own service center.

We do our best to pre-test and screen modules, but you have to realize that is cost-inefficient and error-prone. So we strongly advise you to test the IC you receive prior to installing it and if you find anything unusual to contact us immediately. We can not take back modules that have been soldered and tested.

We also highly recommend choosing the Priority Mail service during checkout. We've established over our time in this buisness that although far from perfect it is certainly better than the cheaper first class mail. There is no difference on our end other than the packaging used for the two services.

If you want to buy five or more units at the same time please contact us first!